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We offer a range of firewall solutions for both
residential, small business and corporate clients.
Each is tailored to your requirements and include
statistical reports based on system activity.

Using the very latest technology, we aim to provide you the
protection for the best possible prices and ensure that your
computers and/or networks are completely protected from
untrusted sources.

If you have outgrown traditional Shared Web Hosting, then a Dedicated Server is for you.

  • Increased reliability and added security
  • Greater performance with dedicated resources
  • Even MORE control


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All of the services you receive from DFK Systems utilises the very best technology available. We regularly review our hosting platforms to ensure that each customer receives the best service level.

You don't need your own infrastructure to connect your business to the internet; let us take the hassle away.

  • Start your own reseller hosting business today!
  • Offer the newest technology in web hosting!
  • Unlimited income potential!
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